TIM TMX Backpack Mint
The Indian Maharadja

TIM TMX Backpack Mint

Get the new TIM TMX backpack, with an exclusive design and made of resistant materials, high quality and taking care of every detail to make it unique.
Brabo Camp Junior Backpack

Brabo Camp Junior Backpack

€41.28 €20.64
Brabo Camp Junior Backpack, the little ones can carry their hockey equipment comfortably and well organized with a unique design.
  • On sale!
  • -50%

TK Total Two 2.6 Backpack Red


TK Total Two 2.6 backpack is unique. It will allow you to carry two sticks and store your equipment. High quality materials and perfect finishes.


Adidas VS2 Backpack Black


With the Adidas VS2 Stickbag you can go anywhere with all your equipment and store it comfortably and in an organized way. New design.

Más información sobre Backpacks

Hockey backpack

Be the most organized of your team and have your sports equipment always at hand in your hockey backpack.

Take a look at our online store, we have prepared a selection of different models of backpacks in which you will fit everything. Sportswear and clean clothes for when you shower, shower gel, helmet, mouthwash, laptop to work in downtime ... and much more.

They are spacious, functional, and light. And with a modern and elegant design so that style is always with you.

Choose your favorite and order it now. In just 2 minutes, and in complete safety.

Hockey backpack

Go more comfortable to your matches and training sessions. A hockey backpack will be your best friend from now on.

At Flick Hockey we are official distributors of Adidas, Princess, Brabo, Osaka, Ritual and The Indian Maharadja, among other brands. We trust the best to bring you only the best.

You are going to love them because their fabrics are very resistant, and their design is on another level. They are the most beautiful. They are available in various sizes, styles and shapes, which one do you like best? Find out now.

Choose yours and receive it at home.

Field hockey backpack

If you are looking for a field hockey backpack with which you can move in an agile way and be more comfortable, you have come to the right place.

Organize your things in a backpack and find them the first time. These backpacks have many pockets and zippers so you can quickly access what you need at all times. And forget about carrying everything in one pocket and having to remove everything to find only one thing.

More than 50 models of backpacks to choose from. Surely your favorite is among them, place your order before it runs out.

Remember that carrying the weight distributed in a backpack is the best option to avoid overloading a specific area of the body. Do not forget to take care of yourself so that you can improve your performance every day. We help you to achieve it so that you do not worry about anything other than enjoying hockey.

Field hockey backpacks

Field hockey backpacks in which to keep your things organized.

If your things are organized in each of the pockets of the backpack, it will be very easy for you to access them quickly.

Make a Marie Kondo with your sports equipment.

You have it easy. You will only invest 3 minutes in processing your order online, with the security and reliability you need. And without wasting time moving from one store to another.