Compressport Full Socks Ultralight Black

Compressport Full Socks Ultralight Black

The Compressport Full Socks Ultralight Blacks prevent muscle pain and offer compression to the working muscles. They are light and with ventilation bands


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The soft and elastic fibers of the socks offer a precise compression on the working muscles for optimal support in your sessions. Muscle damage is lessened by reduced vibration, and fatigue is delayed so you can stay focused for longer. The socks stay light thanks to their quick ventilation bands woven directly into the fabric. Our 3D.Dot technology absorbs shock, protects sensitive areas like the Achilles tendon and provides a micromassage that increases blood flow. It also guarantees an excellent grip of the foot to the shoe, reducing the risk of overheating and blisters due to excess movement. Integrated bridge support prevents fabric from twisting and offers comforting stability on rocky terrain. The elastic fibers allow the fingers to expand naturally on impact. These compression socks can also be used before activity to promote blood flow and prepare the muscles and mind for exertion.

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