OBO Cloud


OBO Helmet Poly P JR Black


Protect young goalkeepers with the OBO Poly P JR Helmet. Maximum visibility, resistance, lightness, comfort and optimal fit.


OBO Kickers Front Straps


You can replace your old goalie foot straps yourself with OBO Kickers Front Straps. Buckle closure and custom fit.


OBO Helmet ABS JR Black

Made for the youngest goalkeepers, the OBO ABS junior helmet provides maximum protection and visibility, optimal fit for any size of child.

OBO Cloud Kickers Black

OBO Cloud kickers, for all goalkeepers, offer great protection, comfort, fit and the necessary capacity to protect the goal.
OBO Cloud Hockey Neck Protector

OBO Cloud Hockey Neck Protector


The OBO Cloud neck protector for adult goalkeepers of all levels, protects the area by wrapping it and adjusting with a velcro closure.


OBO Cloud Hockey Arm Protector

Complete your goalkeeper kit with the OBO arm protector and provide maximum protection at all times. Adjustable and allows you to move naturally.

OBO Cloud Knee Protector

OBO Cloud Knee Protector is the protection you need if you have discomfort in this area or want to protect it more. Great protection and mobility.

OBO Cloud Elbow Guard

The Obo Cloud elbow guard protect the arm. With elastic adjustment straps, suitable for all 14+ players.

OBO Cloud Legguards Black

Obo Cloud Legguards, designed for goalkeepers of +14 years. Great protection and lightness with optimal fit. You will have a large stop surface.

OBO Cloud Hockey Chest Protector


OBO Cloud Hockey Chest Protector for adult goalkeepers who need good protection, reflecting the qualities of OBO ROBO. Great protection and mobility.