OBO Cloud Men Abdominal and Genital Protector

OBO Cloud Men Abdominal and Genital Protector

OBO Cloud Men Abdominal and Genital Protector for any adult age, provides great protection and is fully adjustable thanks to its straps
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The OBO Cloud Men's Genital and Abdominal Protector is ideal for goalkeepers of any level who need protection. The protector uses adjustable straps to ensure the best comfort and fit, which means the best protection. This OBO is made from Polyethylene to provide the best protection. PRODUCT DETAILS Excellent protection is provided by the use of a high density closed cell foam and polyethylene cup over this region. Comfort and the best fit can be achieved by an adjustable velcro waistband and side straps. Together, it provides the necessary comfort and protection for male goalkeepers. When adjusting the protection, most, if not all, newer modern protections have adjustable velcro straps to ensure that the protection fits well and is comfortable to wear.

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Very Hard
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