OBO Robo Goalie Hot Pants Black

OBO Robo Goalie Hot Pants Black

OBO Robo Goalie Hot Pants Black are made up of protective panels to improve mobility and protection. Easy adjustment.

OBO Robo Goalie Hot Pants Black are designed for elite goalkeepers who need the highest level of protection. The Robo Hotpants are a padded 'strap-in' style short that maintains protection while allowing you to have mobility and agility necessary to be a goalkeeper. Tight fitting protective pants that are easy to move The Hotpants are made from a high quality Lycra material that has a lot of stretch. This stretching, together with very careful placement of the protection panels, means that you will be able to move very easily and therefore quickly. Protection is provided by 13 individual foam panels. The areas that need the most protection are covered by panels that combine closed cell foam and formed polyethylene plastic. This combination provides maximum protection. Areas that require less protection have closed cell foam panels. All panels are backed by soft open cell foams. This increases protection Protection extends upward around the kidney area. OBO Robo Hot pants have a belt and a front velcro to ensure a perfect fit and also to ensure that they do not move around the body during extreme movements

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