OBO Robo HI REBOUND Kickers Red

OBO Robo HI REBOUND Kickers Red

OBO Robo HI REBOUND Kickers allow you to clear the ball with more power and more distance. Maximum protection, resistant and light.
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The red OBO Hi Rebound kickers are the best feet for goalkeepers who want distance and power when clearing the ball. The Hi Rebound Kickers are made of highly protective foam to ensure your feet are protected from the ball. PRODUCT DETAILS The Hi Rebound foot has approximately 50% more rebound than the Hi Control kicker. Rebound durability has been improved with the addition of a high-density friction strip where it touches the ground. A concealed strap system creates the perfect kicking surface. CHARACTERISTICS High Density Anatomically Shaped Tongue - Part of the patented integrated locking system between the leg and foot guard. The tongue provides excellent protection of the front of the shin when the foot / toes are fully extended. Vertical and flat sides - to reduce the chance of the ball lifting when kicking Concealed straps - to maximize size when kicking sideways, they can be easily replaced and adjusted Very flat ground presentation - maximizes protection and rebound while keeping the toe box inside the kicker Rounded toe: shaped to allow maximum player acceleration Anatomically shaped interior: for maximum comfort and rebound. Comfortable the first time you use them and very safe Easily replaceable back strap - with a unique and reliable attachment system High Density Rubbing Strip - For superior wear resistance and foot protection Molded Cushion: At the rear prevents the shoe from sliding back and exposing the toe box Very high density polyethylene foam (15 mm) sandwiched between the high and low density foams. It provides unbeatable lateral protection by dissipating the impact of the ball.

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