OBO YAHOO Hand Protector - Pair Peron Bl

The pair OBO YAHOO Hand Protector - Pair Peron Blue, for goalkeepers between 10-12 years old, have a large stopping and control surface

This is the Yahoo Right Hand PLUS High Rebound Style Glove Set, it is lighter and smaller, perfect for young goalies who want the look of the High Rebound PLUS version. The face of Yahoo's left hand is curved to deflect the ball downward, giving great control. Its large surface area helps increase the possibility of stopping the ball, while the light foams allow quick reactions. The Yahoo Right Hand Guard is inspired by the classic Robo style. Its unique shape protects the hand, while allowing the wrist to move freely. Firm, precise gaps can be made with the stick close to the ground or lying down. Fully adjustable wrist strap with padding that maximizes comfort, power and control Hand pad provides stability and comfort Thumb and finger straps for optimal club handling, stability and secure grip Hardened sliding panel provides unique sliding characteristics and excellent control It provides great wrist movement and allows for better control and direction of the ball.

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