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Osaka Deshi 10 Standard Bow JR Hockey Stick

Osaka Deshi 10 Standard Bow JR Hockey Stick

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Osaka Deshi 10 Standard Bow JR Hockey Stick is the Japanese word for 'apprentice', and every hockey player was one at some point. So if you're a beginning player, it's the right hockey stick to start developing your skills in. field hockey. The Deshi 10 is inspired by an iconic Osaka model: the Pro Tour. It has been specifically designed for talented juniors with a 10% carbon composite, high-quality fiberglass, and a slimmer handle to allow smaller hands to hold tight. It is the ideal hockey stick for talented young players. The Osaka Standard Bow hockey stick has the bend position is 300mm with a depth of 17mm. The handle has been made slimmer for smaller hands and the profile is sleek and slightly curved. characteristics Weight (approximate): 572 g. Max depth / bend position: 17mm / 300mm. Composition: 10% carbon, 85% fiberglass, 5% kevlar. Blade: 45 ° angle, 115mm long, 23.5mm thick and Kevlar reinforcement. Handle: 27 mm thick handle, Osaka Pro Touch gray color, and 1.5 mm VibraStop foam layer. FIH approved Stick that complies with the regulations in length, shape, dimensions and all the regulations indicated by the International Hockey Federation.

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Data sheet

Junior Hockey
Surface type
Field Hockey
Carbon 0-29%
Type of Bow
Mid Bow

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