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Osaka Pro Tour Limited Show Bow Hockey Stick

Osaka Pro Tour Limited Show Bow Hockey Stick

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Pro Tour Limited hockey stick stands out for its refined design but it is not the only reason many of the world's best players decide it is the right choice. This icon combines its Japanese heritage with superior quality for the performance of his life. All Pro Tours sticks are made from at least 22 layers of Japanese 3K carbon fiber placed in alternate orientations for the optimal balance between stiffness and the unique feel of an Osaka hockey stick. For Limited Pro Tours, a single 45 ° carbon fiber layer has been developed to increase the feel of stiffness, precision and control. The Osaka Show Bow hockey stick has a curve position that is 200mm with a depth of 24mm. Ideal hockey stick for expert players who want to dribble with speed without compromising the precision and power of their dragging and striking technique. characteristics Weight (approximate): 530 g. Balance point (approximate): 380-400mm. Max depth / bend position: 24mm / 200mm. Composition: 98% carbon, 1% kevlar and 1% aramid. Blade: 45 ° angle, 115mm long, 25mm thick and Kevlar reinforcement. Handle: 30 mm thick handle, Osaka Pro Touch 2016 black color, and 1.5 mm VibraStop foam layer. FIH approved Stick that complies with the regulations in length, shape, dimensions and all the regulations indicated by the International Hockey Federation.

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Adult Hockey
Surface type
Field Hockey
Carbon 70-100%
Type of Bow
Mid Bow
Super Low Bow

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