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Osaka Sleepover Camo Sports Bag

Osaka Sleepover Camo Sports Bag

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Choose Osaka Sleepover Camo Sports Bags to take on the road and conveniently store your things with the exclusive suitcase storage design

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Are you sure you want to know everything about Sleepover? You just have to be ready to go with this great travel companion, which guarantees to keep your essentials clean and tidy and still leaves room for surprises. You sure want to have a Sleepover, to travel far enough to find yourself. Get lost with our travel companion who has everything and is ready for the road full of dreams. Express yourself! Play and change the game Just love her! But leave room for surprises. Sleepover Bag Features: Undoubtedly with the interior cladding in our unmistakable OSAKA green. Be proud of your roots! Sleep in the rain with its waterproof zippers. 2 large compartments with a protection grid, to separate clean from dirty, fashion from classic or any ying-yang in your clothing collection. The more you think, the more ideas you come up with. Clean and fresh clothes not included. Stick attachment system -Stick Attachment System- (SAS) on the side (S can be replaced by a P for umbrella or skate, S for Dreams, A for ...) Outside pocket to carry all kinds of surprises. It is rumored to be lucky. Smooth finish and drop-proof bottom protection. Keep everything safe. Dimensions: 32.5 X 46 X 21 cm Volume: 31 l Built to last. Heavy duty manufacturing.

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