Sisu Aero Medium Mouthguard


Sisu Aero Medium mouthguard with a thickness of 1.6mm,you will have quick, personalized, renewable and adaptable adjustment to your measure. Choose color

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Are you looking for the best protection for your mouth? Flick Hockey will find the best mouth to keep your tempo, without obstruction, and stay focused where it matters:. On the big next move

SISU® is revolutionizing the industry protection mouth with a consistent leader in research and development, inventing new concepts of energy dissipation, using superior materials and incorporate it all in an elegant engineering.

SISU® is made of an incompressible material and not perforated sinks under impact as conventional mouthguards. Using our unique technology Diffusix ™, the impact force is distributed over larger areas, which means a lower risk of dental injuries during competition.

With a slope of 1.6 mm, the lightweight design of the Sisu Aero Medium is 50% thinner than conventional sports mouthguards, providing maximum comfort and convenience. Combined with its quick setting, personalized and renewable, completely forget it's there.

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