Sisu Go Mouthguard

Sisu Go Mouthguard

Sisu go mouthpiece has a smaller size, covering up to the incisors, protecting you from most dental injuries. Choose your color.
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Looking for the best protection for your mouth? On Flick Hockey you will find the best mouth to keep up with your rhythm of play, without obstruction, and stay focused where it matters: on the next big play. SISU® is revolutionizing the mouth protection industry with a consistent leader in research and development, inventing new energy dissipation concepts, utilizing superior materials, and incorporating it all into elegant engineering. SISU® is made from a non-compressible perforated material and does not sag under impact like conventional mouth guards. Using our unique Diffusix ™ technology, the impact force is distributed over larger areas, which means less risk of dental injury during competition. Smaller in size and price, the new SISU® GO was made discreetly and comfortably, while protecting most dental injuries. Equipped with Diffusix ™ technology, the perforations in SISU® GO oscillate on impact and diffuse forces to scientifically designed deformation zones. The perforations also allow a natural flow of air and saliva, allowing athletes to speak, breathe and drink in sports where communication and hydration are key. A little tooth protection goes a long way with SISU® GO. Recommended for over 11 years DETAILS: Shorter guard Extreme comfort Essential coverage for the minimalist

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