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Sisu NextGen Mouthguard Kids

The Sisu Aero Small Mouthpiece is 1.6mm thick, 100% adjustable. You can mold it up to 20 times, it offers maximum protection and comfort.

Considered by many the best mouth guard that currently exists Ultra thin and ultra adaptable: You can talk, drink and train without feeling overwhelmed or moving. It offers extreme protection thanks to its 1.6 mm of ultra-rigid polymer thermo with the patented Difussix system. This material is 30% more rigid than other mouth guards and disperses the energy of the blow with only 1.6 millimeters thick! It allows you to re-mold it more than 30 times, just put it back in water at 60º and it just recovers its original shape. Thinner model, intended for softer workouts or with less contact. Even more comfortable, it's practically like wearing nothing! For a reason, it is one of the best-selling mouthguards in the United States. It can be used with braces and protects teeth at night in case of grinding or bruxism. The small size fits youngsters or those with a smaller jaw. Adults should choose medium size.

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