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Nightly grinding of teeth or bruxism causes headaches, damaged teeth and jaw. If you've experienced these symptoms, you realize you need a mouth guard. A good mouth guard allows you to sleep comfortably at night; while eliminating the harmful effects of night grinding Our custom designed, slim profile SOVA ™ Night Guard is scientifically engineered to relieve the pain and discomfort of night grinding, leaving you the freedom to breathe, speak and drink naturally. Equipped with exclusive Diffusix ™ & trade technology, SOVA ™ Night Guard distributes the pressure caused by night grinding across the surface of the guard, relieving pain and protecting teeth. Go ahead and make your night comfortable and experience the science of a better day. The SOVA ™ Night Guard is: Comfortable Durable Removable Affordable Covered by a 120-day durability warranty BPA, latex, phthalate, PVC free Made in the usa Made from a non-compressible perforated material that better protects your teeth at night, SOVA ™ Night Guard is the ultimate sleep changer. SOVA ™ Night Guard can be re-remodeled to create the best possible custom fit in minutes. It's very comfortable; you won't know you are using it. If you still have questions about how to fit your SISU protector to your mouth,

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