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TK Total One 1.3 Hockey Stick Black Red

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The TK Total One 1.3 hockey stick for professional players and traditional style. Great carbon composition. More power, lightness and resistance.
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Hockey stick

Find the hockey stick and stick you are looking for to learn to master your favourite sport and improve your technique.

Hockey stick

Tell us what sticks (here you would put a stick, normally people have one stick, and if they have more it is because it has several of the same, it breaks) you have hockey, and we will tell you how you play ... Any stick is not suitable if what you want is play and have fun, you need one that becomes an extension of your hands to succeed.

And (if there are some better than others, there are professional factories and very unprofessional factories) it is not that there is one better than another because of its brand, which also influences the quality with which it is manufactured, of course; We will also talk about this, because in Flick Hockey if there is something we look at, it is that the materials with which the sticks are made are the best. However, you should also take into account the specific characteristics that hockey sticks have, such as the position and depth of the curve, the weight of the hockey stick, etc.

Hockey Sticks

Explore different options of types of hockey sticks in our online store, you will find several models and among them the one that best suits your level. From the traditional wooden sticks to different types of carbon sticks and fiberglass sticks. These last two today are the most widespread in the world of hockey thanks to their resistance, rigidity, and lightness; Each of these properties will depend on the percentage of fiberglass or carbon they have.

There is a very wide range of possibilities, depending on the stiffness or flexibility that each player needs. A hockey stick with a high fiber composition and a lower percentage of carbon will be lighter, more affordable and flexible, the latter being what will allow a greater touch and therefore better control of the ball. These hockey sticks are perfect if you are just starting out in hockey.

And as you progress in technique and level, you can change to new sticks that increasingly contain more carbon and less fiberglass. Because although they are just as light, carbon sticks have more power than fiber ones, a necessary requirement for advanced players. Some tact is lost, but it is not a problem if your level is high.

As you can see here you have clubs of all kinds, in Flick Hockey we are accompanying you as you grow in this sport. We are adapting to what you need so that your experience on the field is the best.

Hockey Stick

A good hockey stick makes a difference in your training sessions and in your games, so make sure that the one you choose is of high quality, adapts to your movements, and above all, is your size; If you want to know how to choose the size of the hockey stick, find out in this complete guide that we have prepared for you.

If you have questions, if you need help to place your order, or need personalized advice to buy a stick for yourself, your little ones, or to give as a gift, contact us. Together we will find the perfect stick that is completely adapted to you or the player who will enjoy it.

Hockey Sticks

If you are looking for hockey sticks your clicks have brought you to the perfect place, discover in our catalog different hockey sticks among which you will find your new best friend.

Whether you want to get started in hockey or if you are already an expert, we propose different sticks from various firms, the most important and prestigious internationally.

We work with brands such as Adidas hockey, Brabo, Osaka hockey, TK, Ritual hockey, Grays, Princess, Malik, Tk Hockey, Balling, The Indian Maharadja and Reece Australia, among others. Discover our hockey sticks, place your order online and we will send you your favorite one. Zero trips, zero time wasters, and 100% comfort. Take a look and choose your perfect match.

Enjoy a safe, reliable and fast shopping experience.