Ritual Hockey Sticks

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Ritual Response 95 Hockey Stick Black

€247.93 €173.55

The Ritual Response 95 Hockey Stick has a firm hit and an easy shot. Light and easy to use. Super soft and comfortable grip that cancels vibration.

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Ritual hockey sticks

Master the technique to be the best on the field, have fun practicing with the hockey stick that best suits you.

Do you have a new challenge in mind? If you want to learn new hockey techniques, such as flick or dribbling, you need to find the stick that allows you to show what you can do. Ritual is one of the brands we work with, and perhaps one of its models is the one chosen to make your best plays on the field.

And in addition to a hockey stick, remember that your best ally will be your confidence, get ready to sweep! We are sure that you will enjoy a lot when you have your new stick in your hands.

Ritual field hockey stick

Finally! No more spending hours and hours going to stores to find a Ritual field hockey stick, now you can get it right here.

Enjoy your free time with what you really like, playing hockey. Imagine coming home after work or college, and having just enough time to change and go train with your team. But at the same time you have in mind that you have to buy a new stick because yours doesn't give any more of itself ... Free your mind from that task and when you get home, after a good shower, sit on the sofa with your mobile phone or in front of your computer, and buy your next hockey stick online.

We want to make your life easier and that you take advantage of the time in what really matters to you. In Flick Hockey you can buy hockey equipment online, in less than five minutes and safely.

Here we make pineapple between players. In addition to having a very extensive product catalog at your fingertips, you will be able to discover articles and information related to hockey that will entertain you and keep you up to date with everything that happens in this sport.

Be the next to join our great family of hockey lovers.

Ritual field hockey sticks

Find each and every feature of Ritual field hockey sticks in the product description. We know that you want to be sure of what you buy, that the club you decide on will help you be a better player.

One of the things to keep in mind, and we have told you as hockey players since we were aware, is that even if you are the best player, if you don't have a good stick, you won't be able to show everything you know. So choose very well which club you are going to buy, do not rush and take it easy; take a good look at the composition material, its curvature, the size, etc. Make sure the one chosen is the best for you.

If you need advice, our team will be happy to help you.