How to motivate my son if he doesn’t like his coach or team

It is of great importance that our children practice sports, but how can we motivate them? In this article you will find fundamental advice on how to motivate our children.


Interview with Jordi Carrera by ProntoPro

A field hockey player for more than 30 years, he has been at the top of the sport and although he has retired for a few years, he is still linked to it. Since childhood, it has been his passion and he lives for and for hockey…


The difficult task of choosing the size of stick

Who should I listen to? My coach? Where do I buy the stick from the store?… Choosing the correct length is VERY important!


What material are sticks made of and which one is best for me?

A stick turns out to be for a hockey player the same as for a magician his wand represents. And not only because of the magic that this game has for all “hockey players”, but mainly because it is “an extension of the body”, the vehicle needed to be able to play. but above all to create and live the game.


How does a hockey goalie protect themselves?

Hockey lovers usually agree on one thing: it is an extreme sport that is either loved or left indifferent. The middle term does not fit in this sport, which depending on the country or area may be a minority or, on the contrary, the one that is most practiced. The type of hockey will also influence this…



Of all types of childhood cancer, the most common is leukaemia. It occurs when white blood cells turn into cancer cells. MUA is a solidarity association founded by the family of a child suffering from leukaemia. Its purpose is to raise funds for research on this disease. For this they allocate their profits to the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.