Jordi Carrera

Flick Hockey was founded by two field hockey players from real hockey families and with international hockey experience.

Jordi Carrera, the founder, has an extensive career as a professional field hockey player. In 2001, when he was playing in the Under 21 team of Spain, one of the best-known hockey brands worldwide (Mazon) gave Jordi a contract to play. Years later he went to play for a season in Australia, an unusual fact at the time. He was one of the first Spanish field hockey players that went to Australia to play. In Australia he worked for Mazon and after a while there, he thought about bringing Mazon to Spain, where it was not very well known. He brought 3 sticks with him.


Flick Store

In 2009 he was working as an industrial engineer, and decided to open a small store with a website in Terrassa, Barcelona. In this way he was able to bring products and material under the attention that had never been sold in Spain before. For two years he was working with this store, and little by little he introduced other brands.




Flick Hockey was founded as a family business, with the purpose of bringing the tradition and field hockey material to Spain. The relationship with our customers is very familiar, we are always there to make good recommendations, help you or solve any problem you may have.

We are simple, transparent and our main objective is to take care of and satisfy the customers. We have the cheapest prices and the highest quality products in the market, so that all players and families can find what they are looking for. In addition, Flick Hockey hascreated a community with and for all people of the hockey world.